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Watch CBS-2 NY(CBS local) Discussing Fantasy Sports with Steve Overmyer: Litigation, Legislation, Draft Kings, Fan Duel

Here is the link to my appearance CBS-2 NY  Sports Desk (CBS local in NY Twitter with EMMY award winner Steve Overmyer (Twitter OvermyerTV) to discuss the Draft Kings/Fan Duel suits with the NY State Attorney General and the newest NY bill involving fantasy sports which would legalize fantasy sports in New York State.  Both companies stopped accepting paid contests in NY […]

CBS Sports Network, Poker Night in America & Linda Kenney Baden

Here I am  in the above photos with the fab poker player and person Shaun Deeb and the incredible Dan Shak in Atlantic City in January 2015. James Woods has his back facing the camera. Richard Roper is sandwiched between Jessica Dawley (hidden behind dealer) and Katie Stone Cappuccio. Wendeen Eolis and Jamie Kerstetter (hidden) […]

Linda Kenney Baden Discussed Aaron Hernandez Verdict-CNN 2pm EDT April 15,2015

I appeared on CNN April 15, 2015 at 2pm to discuss the murder 1 guilty verdict in the Aaron Hernandez trial.  The jurors found that the murder was committed with ‘extreme cruelty or atrocity’- that Hernandez showed extreme indifference or took pleasure in death of Odin Lloyd, the degree of suffering to the deceased, the […]

Linda Appearing on CNN Newsroom April 8,2015

Discussing the  Boston Marathon bombing trial guilty verdicts.


“Rockin’ My Court”- the Rap

In case you forgot Tamara Holder, Phoebe Legere and I recorded a rap- ROCKIN’ MY COURT for Sports Court Media. I love these two women. Phoebe’s the real musical artist and teacher. All those years of music/piano lessons helped me a little bit. And Tamara- she can rap! Listen below and follow Sports Court Media […]

Linda Kenney Baden Discusses Fantasy Sports, DraftKings, FanDuel: NY Litigation & Legislation

Here is the link to my appearance: And here is the follow up story: Linda Kenney Baden recently appeared on the Emmy Award winning show Sports Desk hosted by Steve Overmyer on CBS-2 NY  (CBS local in NY Twitter The topic of their discussion was the recent announcement by FanDuel and DraftKings to suspend  operations in New York (even though there […]

Nolan Dalla Profiles Me- Linda Kenney Baden- I Faced his Firing Squad

I thought at first it was an eulogy! Nolan Dalla wrote an introduction leading into my answers to his face the “Firing Squad” segment of his website and blog. It was a wonderful fun experience to answer all Nolan Dalla’s questions. If you haven’t read his other posts you should, and also follow him on […]

Rockin’ My Court- Linda Kenney Baden and Tamara Holder Rap!

In case you missed it, my biz partner in Sports Court Media– fellow lawyer and television personality Tamara Holder @tamaraholder -released our rap for SCM @SportsCtMedia. While I wrote Rockin’ My Court, Tamara made fabulous performance changes, and award winning songwriter Phoebe Legere added the red hot heat. It was sung by both Tamara (who has a natural skill for rap probably […]

Linda Kenney Baden Discusses Aaron Hernandez trial with Jayson (On the Rebound) Williams at Play.It

As reported on my Sports Court Media website, my husband and I were happy to see and be on “Jayson on the Rebound.” We had a very frank discussion about criminal trials in general and specifically about former New England Patriots NFL player Aaron Hernandez’ trial. It is a must listen. Jayson was made to do sports […]

Dame Helen Mirren Plays Linda

Helen Mirren Nominated for SAG Award & Golden Globe. Bette Midler to Play Mae West.

Two media related hits caused some excitement two days in a row. First, it is so terrific to get the news that Dame Helen Mirren was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in the HBO Phil Spector Movie.  But it is also a bit disconcerting to read your name. It’s like […]

True Crime: The Real Defense Attorney Weighs In

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Mirren, Mamet, Hausman, Pacino-Some Behind the Scenes Photos

  Behind the Scenes at the The HBO Wrap Party   The HBO Wrap Party   Linda with the the most gracious Al Pacino and the wonderful Len Amato of HBO.   David Mamet, Dame Helen Mirren and Linda Sharing the Stage at the Television Critics Association   Here is Helen Mirren wearing the real […]


Jersey Girl Lawyer: Meet the Real Linda Kenney Baden

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The New York Times Profile on Linda Kenney Baden

Read the New York Times  article on  Linda Kenney Baden.  

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Phil Spector

Academy Award® winners Al Pacino and Helen Mirren star in a new HBO Films production written and directed by Pulitzer Prize-winning and Oscar®-nominated playwright David Mamet.